Thrifty Haunted Church

I love finding housewares to alter at the thrift store and when I saw this little light up church I knew that a good paint job would make it into a great Halloween decoration. I love how it’s labeled a church {(snort)}, because I really couldn’t tell (made in China).mini church beforeI painted it all black and then added some navy blue, burgundy, vintage gold, and dark green to high light some of the details. I also used some dimensional magic on the stain glass window panels to make them shiny like glass.mini church after  I think I need to add some glitter, everything is better with glitter, but otherwise I’m done and I have a one of a kind gothic decoration.


Jackie said...

Ok, this is brilliant. You know how many of those little houses i have that don't want - yay! I am so doing this - thanks for the great idea - love it!


Alexa said...

This turned out so swell! I love revamping thrift store finds!