Command Center, Round 3

I have a confession, I have been having a shoe problem, it seems as if there are shoes everywhere and when it’s time to leave the house, matching shoes are nowhere to be found. We had a shoe rack in our hallway and all it really accomplished was blocking the path with piles of shoes thrown in the general direction of the rack, ugh! Bonus, it was also across from the coat hooks, so add backpacks and jackets to the pile blocking the hall (sorry, no pictures, it was really just too embarrassing).
When the Bed, Bath, and Beyond catalog arrived I saw this wonderful cabinet and when I checked to measurements I knew I HAD to have it. My local store was out, but I was able to order it and have it delivered to my door free (honestly, it was much easier that way). There are several different accessories that divide the cubes, I purchased 3 fabric drawers (Little Sir, Little Miss, and Little Man each get a drawer for shoes), 3 shelves and trays (to store mail and misc. stuff), and 5 cross frames(for the adult shoes) to make this the perfect unit for us.command center round 3The cabinet and frames are easy to assemble and everything fit together perfectly. I put it all together and slid it into place. I love how it looks, it is just the perfect size and it looks awesome with the calendar. I haven’t even filled it up yet or organized the organizer (LOL), but I just had to share. I would also add, that for a piece of particle board furniture, it is really a lot nicer and sturdier than I expected.command center evolution And just for fun, here is the evolution of the command center, slowly working its way from cluttered and busy to tidy[er] and functional. 
Up next, my solution for the visual clutter of the craft room…

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mieljolie said...

Lookin' good! I love the progress shots.