Fabric Memories

I found the journal cover I made using Teesha Moore styled fabric pillows. It’s been almost two years since I finished the cover and there is no journal inside. I love the fabrics I used and all the stitched textures. I really want to make these into something I use, so I took my cover apart.
I saw these beautiful photo books and binders that PhizzyChic made over on Craftster and I think that is more the route I need to go. I will need more pillows, so I dug through my stash and found a good selection to work with.
I’m not a scrapbooker, but I got to thinking about all the memories I have in fabric and so I thought I would share some of them.100_7344Here are the new pillows that need to be stitched: 1. One of the first dresses I ever made (it was awful, wonky buttons, poor pressing, loose threads), 2. Little Miss’s toy sack, 3. Little Sir’s toy sack, 4. an apron, a top, and several other projects, this is a personal favorite of mine, 5. the sewing machine cover, 6. Little Miss’s bassinette, 7. One of my first hand dyed fabrics, and 8. I love this fabric, have made two different tops from it.100_7347   Here are the ones I finished two years ago: 1. Little Sir’s curtains, 2. Little Miss’s curtains, 3. apron for Little Miss, 4. Little Man’s car seat cover, swaddlers, and boppy cover, 5. Sketchbook cover lining, 6. Reconned caften fabric, and 7. another personal favorite fabric. These are the pillows I was working on while we waited for Little Man’s arrival. I was even working on them in the hospital.
What kind of crafty memories do you have? I think I might need a swatch scrapbook! Have a super crafty weekend!!!

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