Wookies for Everyone!!!

Well at least for my three kids. I fell in love with this Chewbacca stuffie pattern from Draw Pilgrim and have been wanting to make one for each of the littles. I used three different fabrics to make each wookie a little different, that way we all know which is which. There are all nicely cut out and ready to be sewn up this weekend.cut out wookiesDo you remember that fairy tale about the poor cobbler who would cut out leather for shoes at night and find it sewn up in the morning? They discovered elves were sewing the shoes…I need some of those elves to visit me! I would make them some fabulous clothes if I could get them to sew up all my projects for a month!
I have been busy with other things too, we were lucky enough to rescue 2 vintage wood desks from the dump and there was a flurry of cleaning to make room for them in the much cluttered basement. They are huge and wonderful and luckily there was a 1/2 inch of clearance to get them in the door and down the stairs. I can’t wait to finish cleaning and arranging the basement, it’s going to be awesome.
Have a super crafty weekend

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