Craft Paint Storage

I have a lot of craft paint, and puffy paint, and now even inks. All those little bottles are hard to keep track of and it seems like they are everywhere in the craft room. To help corral everything into one place I bought these revolving storage bins from Harbor Freight Tools ($19.99).Storehouse 94050 12" Revolving Four Tray Bin
Image from Harbor Freight Tools
The two bottom trays each have three dividers, so I can sort my paints out into primary and secondary colors. The top two bins have six dividers each, perfect for puffy paints, inks, and sprays (I have fewer of them and they are in smaller bottles). I can’t wait to get all my paints and inks put away!
Before you rush out to get yours, remember that it comes unassembled. It took me over an hour to put it together and I am pretty experienced assembling stuff. Every divider (there are 18) has 4 bolts, 4 washers, and 4 nuts that have to be put together. Getting all the dividers in was a little tricky, that’s a lot of parts that have to match up!
I also need to do some more tidying in the basement to make room for two giant wooden desks that my Mother rescued for us (they were going to haul them to the dump, who does that?) What are you plans for the weekend?
Have a super crafty weekend!

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