Kitchen Step Stool Redo

I was so excited when I found this vintage kitchen step stool in mint condition, I knew exactly what I was going to do with it!kitchen step stool redoIt turned out exactly like I wanted and it was easy too. If you would like to redo a stool like this there are a few things to keep in mind:
  • Make sure the stool is in good working shape, I’ve seen a lot of these stools covered in rust.
  • Look to see how the pieces are attached, if they are riveted on you won’t be able to take them off to recover them.
  • Get a good quality vinyl to recover the piece. I used glitter vinyl with a stretchy backing, it makes the vinyl easier to stretch and there is no fear of tearing it.
My stool was easy to recover, the back rest was attached with screws and was easy to remove, cover, and put back on. The seat was a little more complicated, there were metal tabs that were bent over holes in the bottom, the most challenging part was getting the seat back on, the vinyl I used was a bit thicker than the original.
I used spray adhesive to attach the vinyl on the back rest and tacky glue for the seat.kitchen step stool redo clipsThere were a lot of curves that I needed to stretch around, using a ton of clips helped me work out all of the wrinkles. I let it dry overnight with the clips, did a final trim down and put it back onto the stool.
The chevron skirt is hot glued onto the bottom edge. Originally I had tried to install it under the seat, but there was too much bulk to get the seat reattached.
My kitchen is finally coming together, I really need to finish that giant silverware :D
Have a super crafty weekend!!!

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