Bargain Hunter #5 Package Received

I got my swap package on Saturday, but I have been a bit distracted with other things to share, until now.
Here's the full package. There are several cup type organizers and 2 plastic divided organizers, 2 day of the dead hand painted skull canvases, an eyeball picture frame, a decoupaged coupon organizer, 2 vintage magazines, and a vintage crafty book.
Here's a detail of the skulls, notice the sequin accents and you can also see the top of the eyeball frame. (If you look close you can see where some of the sequins and eyeballs have fallen off.)
Here's a detail of the vintage book and magazines, the one in the middle is my favorite, it has several purse patterns and at least 6 apron patterns, yay!
This is the bottom of the box, as you can see there were a few casualties, but a little glue and everything will be good as new.
All of this for $5.00, wow ollieorange! I love this swap!!!

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