Yard Sale Finds

I am so addicted to yard sales and thrift stores, I can hardly wait for Saturdays! Today was an excellent day for bargain hunting.

I found a vintage Skyway suitcase in decent shape for $2.00, an adorable picnic basket for $1.00, a large brandy glass with the world ugliest candle wreath(which is already in the trash) for $.25, and an embroidery hoop for $.25.I also found a bag of 18 pillowcases for $2.50 and a stack of 7 round tin trays for $.50. I have big plans for most of my finds today. The suitcase will be gutted, all that stinky old fabric will be removed and replaced. I will also paint the outside, probably a soft blue or pink and then I will paint or maybe decoupage something on the side and it will become a dress up case for my daughter. The brandy glass will be used for a plant it's just perfect for keeping my kitties from munching on the foliage, but allowing in light and air. The embroidery hoop will be used to make a screen printing frame and the trays will be painted, decoupaged and sealed and used for holiday treats. The pillowcases will be made into pillowcase dresses for my daughter, a couple of summery tops, and maybe a couple of reusable grocery bags. The picnic basket will most likely be left as is, I just have to make some place mat/silverware holders and cloth napkins and we will be all set to have a family picnic! So many projects, so little time, if only I had a maid, a nanny, and a personal assistant!


RecycleCindy said...

Looks like you hit the jackpot! I think the pillowcases were your best find. I'd love to have gotten all of those for just $2.50.

Pam Hawk said...

OMG. That's my picnic basket. No, really, I have it sitting on the top shelf of my kitchen pantry.

So, uh... whatcha gonna do with it?

Crafterella said...

I really like the picnic basket, so I think that I'm going to leave it as is, but I will me making some placemat/silverware holders for it and the straps on the lid are broken, so I will be removing that.

Pam Hawk said...

Yeah, the brown elastic straps on my lid are all stretched out, too.
I've been hanging on to my basket for (gulp!) 19 years, not, wondering what to do with it. Nineteen years!? Nah, can't be that long. Huh, I guess I've had that old thing that long.

Right now I use it to store melamine plates and picnic supplies so I can grab and go when we head out to the coast. But I wish I could think up some really creative use for it. Hmm, maybe I'll use it for picnic storage? Ha.