Yard Sale Finds

It is the peak of yard sale season here and today I really scored at the American Lutheran Church Rummage sale! I found two vintage floral comforters for $2.00 each, I think that they will make great bags. They are in the washing machine right now and will spend tomorrow hanging on the clothes line and hopefully that will freshen them up a bit. The floral fabric is on both sides so I will have plenty of fabric to work with.
This vintage apron complete with rick rack trim, it is to small for me, as most vintage aprons are, but it will make a great addition to my collection and it was a steal for $1.00. This is not the best picture, it is a really cute apron and after being washed and pressed it will be good as new.

Here are the rest of my finds: a heart shaped tin $.10 that will be covered with polymer clay, a wire art kit for $.75 the copper wire will be fun to play with, a watch for $.25 which will be taken apart for the gears, and a purse for $.25 that I'm planning on taking apart for the hardware and handles.

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