The Resin Experiment

I have been wanting to try resin for a while now, it seems like one of those things "everyone" is doing. Unfortunately that means that almost all the resin jewelry I've been seeing is made with the same six molds. After reading The art of resin jewelry by Sherri Haab I was inspired to use polymer clay to make my own bezels. I shaped, baked, and finished the clay and then began the process of arranging the watch gears(salvaged from old watches I bought at yard sales). What worked best for me was putting a layer of black glitter in the bottom of the bezel and using that to hold the gears and other bits in place. I did not glue anything down. I then mixed the resin according to the package directions and poured it over everything, I did try to dome the resin a bit, but since the sides of the bezels weren't perfectly even that did not come out quite as planned.
Here they are with the resin all cured just waiting to be drilled and made into pendants. The polymer clay worked great for making forms for the resin and I think the possibilities are almost endless combining these two mediums. I am very pleased with how this project came out, especially for a first attempt, stay tuned for future projects!

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