Altered Journal-A-long

PhizzyChick on Craftster has started an altered journal-a-long thread and I am going to join in. I bought a book at the local thrift store for $.25 and checked to make sure it was not valuable(internet sources indicated that it is worth $4.00 - $5.00). It's in decent shape, the corners are a bit worn and the pages are yellowed, but that just gives it character.

I really like the look of text behind the images so I decided to white wash my first pages using acrylic paint and water mixed half and half. I opened to a page near the front and was just looking it over when the word "climax" caught my attention. I decided that I would read the two pages and see if there were any other naughty words and phrases(yeah, I know I have a dirty mind). I found several and decided to mark them with squares. When I painted the pages I just left those words exposed.I'm now waiting for it to dry. As I was painting I was thinking about all the conversations I've had with several of my good friends about our significant others and all of the intimate details we've shared and that is what this page is going to be about, sex and friendship. I should get to work more on this later in the week, so look for an update soon.

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