T-Shirt Recon

I've been seeing a lot of t-shirt reconstructions and when I saw this peeps shirt I knew it would be perfect. They are quick to do and you don't ever need a sewing machine.

It's a XL men's shirt with no shape, not a good look for a zaftig girl! I cut the bottom and the sleeves off and reshaped the sides. I used the bottom to make lacing for the sides and neckline.

I like the more fitted version a lot better, although I may have made it a bit to short. I think that it needs some yellow beads to put on the ends of the strings. Now that summer is here I think that I will be making several of these, they're a great alternative to the plain tank tops that I normally wear.

I also think that I need to touch up the roots of my hair, it looks like I'm going grey!

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Terri said...

That is an awesome shirt! Plus, I love Peeps. Great job on the recon.