I often see things that I would love to have on etsy, here are a few of them - please feel free to buy any of the for me :).
Row 1 (from left to right)
Snag free stitch markers -from jeanettejed, whose store features lots of different knitting accessories
Custom yarn embedded knitting needles - from OnTheNeedle, whose store features resin knitting needles and hair sticks
Ceramic dolls face ring - from MIXKO whose shop features felt and ceramic rings, necklaces, lampshades and handbags

Row 2
Long tray of pots - from JMNPOTTERY whose shop features wall decor, pots, bowls, jewelry, teapots, mugs, and lots of unique pieces
Healing blue - from stonesofhealing whose shop features nursing pendants, necklaces, earring, bracelets, jewelry for the whole family and child safe toys and jewelry.
Sleep mask Breakfast at Tiffany's - from lovelyart whose shop features a variety of sleep masks and jewelry

Row 3
Unfinished wood matchbox niche with viking wings - from TerraMaya whose shop features blank shrines, art shrines, jewelry, bags, and decor
Angel statue acrylic painting - from ebm126 whose shop features paintings, mixed media, and collage
Lucky at cards - from craftyhag whose shop features prints, ACEOs, drawings, paintings, and stained glass

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