Me vs. the Smock Apron, Part 3

I decided to go with the armpit darts to fix my fabric problem and I am satisfied with how it turned out.

I will definitely be able to use this around the house and even out to run errands. I like the style of the apron a lot, but I think I will really have to overhaul the pattern to get the fit that I am looking for. I think that I can use the current pattern piece for the back of the pattern and I will just need to draft a new front. The amount of fabric needed to cover my ample bosom means that a simple waist dart isn't going to give me a good fit, yes, I know it's a smock, but I want a little shape. I'm thinking a princess seam. I think I will also be making the pockets a bit deeper too.

Now that the battle is over I can get back to my knitting :)


Christy said...

It looks great!

Sienna Starfish said...

You persevered and won! Good on you for beating that smock apron.It looks cute.

crafterella said...

Thanks guys, I'm hoping to tweak the pattern a bit more to make it "perfect", I think this could be one of my favorite summer acessories!