Finished Turkish Vest

I finished up the remaining front panel and crocheted around that and the back piece today. I am so excited to have finished this. I still want to add some embellishments around the bottom, but I will have to shop for the perfect thing. Tiffany (The art of can tabistry) did send some little bells along with the pattern for the vest, but I think I need some chain or other dangly bits.
This shows the finished pieces, it would be hard to guess what they were if you didn't already know.
Here's the front, I still need to make one of Tiffany's ornamental flowers for the front. It really frames the girls, doesn't it?
The way the sides are shaped really gives a contoured fit.
And finally, the back. It is really amazing to me how comfortable this is to wear. The fabric is stretchy, so it adjusts itself. I bought this dress specifically to wear with this vest, I am so excited to wear this out, maybe I'll wear it to our etsy team meeting.


Tiffany (aka: mieljolie, newbiehere) said...

Wow, lookin' good! Are you going to add a tie in the back? When, you mentioned adding danglies and chain, you just inspired me. I might try one with some chains hanging in back instead of the yarn I used!

I think that adding the ties in back really made me conscious of my slouching. If I keep it tied pretty short, I don't tend to drop my shoulders forward as much.

Anyway, great job! I'm glad you like it. Don't forget to show us the finished vest with all the trimmings! If you need more coins or bells, give me a shout.

Tiffany (mieljolie)

Chimera Crochet said...

Oooh, please do wear it tomorrow. It looks more fashionable than I was imagining. Great work!