Happy Ending

Last week we(the whole family) prepared to go on a shopping outing, it was the normal chaos. Everyone had been dressed, coats had been put on and we had made it out the door to the car and into the car seats when disaster struck...I sat down into the drivers seat and completely tore the butt out of one of my favorite pair of capri pants. It was a big production, but I changed my pants and we went about our day.
Later that evening as I contemplated throwing out the pants, they were worn to thin to patch and we have so little space, my husband said, "why don't you keep them, you'll use them for something", I had a brainstorm! I could use the bottom of the pants for another Summerlin dress for little miss.
I used I love this cotton yarn, it seems to fuzz a little bit, but it is super soft, we'll see how it wears.
I also made the top a little longer this time and knitted in button holes so the back opening would overlap.I positioned the drawstrings off center and I think the effect turned out really cute. The length is adjustable which I also like. You know what would be really cute it some matching bloomers made out of bandanna fabric.
And so there was a happy ending after all!

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Chimera Crochet said...

OMG you are too awesome! You so need to be a clothing designer.
Come to group tonight!