Status Report

First, how was everyone’s long weekend?  Did you work on some special or exciting projects?  I did, kind of.  Not fun and exciting crafty projects, but around the house stuff.

I have been in the mood to clean for the last week, I know, weird huh? and when that happens I just go with it.  I have accomplished a lot, but not the awesome before and after shot of progress that I want to share (I think this is my first post EVER without a picture).  I cleaned the laundry area and actually caught up with the laundry(I know, crazy, I even ran out of hangers), I got it all folded and put away too.  The big achievement was sorting through all the outgrown clothing:  two totes to resell, one tote to donate, one small pile to save, and one very small pile to throw out.

We also got some really awesome shelves for our basement, (they can hold 2000 pounds a shelf) and totes to fill them.  I really want to get rid of every cardboard box in the basement.  I expect to be working on that project for quite a while.

There has been some furniture rearranging in my bedroom.  The crib that we used for Little Sir and Little Miss was one of the cribs that has been recalled (twice).  I was able to return it and with the refund purchased a new crib for Little Man.  I cleaned everything up there and basically flipped the furniture around.

I have been doing a little crafting, but I’m going to go with the cleaning until the urge leaves (it never lasts long).  I do have some really great quilts that I received from my Mother to share with you, I have so bottle cap pincushion “blanks” made up, and I am working on a new crochet design, more on that later this week.

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