I Like Melting Things in the Oven

When I saw this tutorial for a washer necklace on Dollar Store Crafts I knew I had to give it a try.  I love melting things in the oven, especially shrink plastic and I had a few spare plastic cups hanging around too.
I had a great time doodling with sharpie markers on my cups, the only problem I had was cutting out the center hole.  I tried several different tools:  exacto, scissors, super sharp and pointy scissors, a different exacto knife, fresh blades.  Maybe I was having an off day.  I still think they came out pretty good.solo washer pendants It’s so much fun to watch them melt and flatten out.
While I had the oven hot I also tried another idea that I have been thinking about.  I have a ton of old, scratched up, non-playable records, I made some record bowls and ended up with an abundance of records left over.  I was thinking purse handles and key chains.record purse handles This was an interesting experiment, I’m not sure that I could get a perfectly matched pair and I can’t decide if that is a bad thing.  I could punch holes along the bottom for crochet or knitting too.  I think that my hearts ended up a little deformed.  I think I’ll need to run some more experiments, try some different shapes and using them in a test project.  What do you guys think, are record purse handles a great idea or not?
I have been working on a new spool project too, but I’m having a little difficulty, it may end up as a craftfail, I’m going to work on it a bit more today and see how it goes.

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