A Productive Weekend

I had a really productive weekend, but I don’t have any finished projects to share today.  I am on row 91 of my new knitting pattern.  There are 139 rows total, so I’m making good progress.  knitting border I love the detailed border, so simple and elegant (and difficult to photograph).  I can’t wait to see this one finished.toilet box 1 Here is what is left of one of my super thick toilet boxes (the bottom of the pile).  I know it looks silly stacked up like this, but I needed a lot of weigh.  Hoping to start on the fun painting part later today.

While it may not look that impressive, that was what I did this weekend.  Stay tuned for what’s going on with the toilet box, really, it’s going to be awesome!

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mieljolie said...

I must admit, you have me intrigued. I'm wondering what the "toilet boxes" will be. :) Looking forward to seeing the results.