New Hair Clips for a New Hair Do

I finally got a hair cut, I had been waiting, trying to hold out until I could go to a salon, but I just couldn’t make it any longer, I caved and got a $10 hair cut.  I like it, it’s pretty short, but still cute and to make it even more fun I colored it a dark red.  Now I really need some cute hair accessories.  All of my stuff screams teenage girl (from the ‘90s), little butterflies, plastic bows, weird little claw clips, hair springs(?!?), and even a banana clip!  Luckily I found this great flower clip tutorial on Yards and Yards and I had everything on hand already.flower hair pins 1 I tried several different types of fabrics: knit, lining, satin, metallic, and tulle and got good results from them all.  I wish I could figure out a way to use cotton, but it’s the melted edge that I love so much.  I love how Anna made the backs for these flowers, I can’t wait to put them on everything!flower hair pins 3 The fabric with the metallic thread is my favorite (the rose colored one, bottom right and the yellow and white one, center left), I got it from my friend Kelly and there are a rainbow of colors.  I LOVE these, I MUST make more in more colors!
The only thing different about my flowers is my largest circle is only 2 1/2” across.  That’s as large as my circle template went and I didn’t want to search through the house to find some bigger circles to trace.  These were really quick and easy to make, about an hour and a half from “oooh, I want to make those” to “wow, these flowers look awesome in my hair”.  I’m thinking they would make great last minute gifts.
No action shots this morning, I've been up with the baby since 4:30 and trust me, I'm not looking too cute.  I'll post some photos on Facebook later today, after I take a little nap.


PussDaddy said...

I just recently found a salon I like going to so I could stop getting the $10 hair cuts. I was so happy to find it.

I think your flowers turned out great.


Crafterella said...

Yeah, I really need to stop the cheap haircuts.

And thanks, I was really excited when they turned out, I have been wanting some, but was too much of a tight ass to buy them.