The Dana Top Pattern Review

I bought the Dana top pattern to make some fun summer tops in cotton and boy was I surprised!  The pattern and instructions are 113 pages long, but don’t be scared each size it printed individually, so a lot of those pages are pattern pieces.  The pattern includes basic instructions for the techniques used, a fabric yardage guide, lay out guide and very detailed step by step photographs.  There is also an index of what sizes are on what pages, so there’s no guess work to printing the pattern out.  This pattern is very well written and the finishing techniques used are impressive.  My finished garment looks professional inside and out!  I am very impressed with SisBoom patterns and I can’t wait to try more of their designs.  I had no problems following the instructions and everything fit together beautifully.  My favorite part is this ruffle.dana top detailUmmm, the only problem is that the design may not be right for my body type, but that has nothing to do with the pattern.  My husband comments were, “wow, that’s a bright fabric” and “it looks very retro, 60’s retro” and other unusual comments that made me suspicious that maybe the top wasn’t that flattering on me.  I had even put on a good bra to model the top, but I was wearing very busy pajama pants.  I think it may be a styling issue and so I will need to put together a few looks and see what I think before I make a final call.  dana top So today Boobzilla will be modeling the completed garment, (she is lopsided, not the top).  The top does fit me very well and it is comfortable and breezy.  I think I may need a belt of some sort.  Do you guys think the fabric is too loud?


Ashley said...

My first reaction on the first photo was "wow that's bright" but it was also zoomed in. The second picture with the whole thing looks great. Not too bright at all, but I do agree that you need black on bottom to balance it out. Maybe a black belt depending on how it hits you.
You are right that it's more in styling than the top. I might be wrong, but I think you've made similar necklines before and they look really good on you... I can't do most square neck.

Crafterella said...

Hi Ashley, I'm really more concerned about the loose shape. Since I'm so busty on top if there is no shaping below the bust it tends to make me look bigger than I am. It looks okay on boobzilla and she is obviously about my size so maybe the pajama pants were throwing the whole thing off. I made it fairly long (I can always make it shorter), it hits me mid thigh, I wanted to make sure my butt wasn't hanging out if I put a belt with it. I'm thinking leggings or skinny jeans or pencil skirt, but I'll have to see what's in my closet that fits.