The New Menu Board

I know I already made a dry erase menu board, but I wasn’t 100% happy with it and since it is something I use all the time it was really starting to get on my nerves.  The biggest problem is that I had made the paper insert before actually buying my frame and when it came time to get a frame I couldn’t find one the right size and I had to get one that was bigger than my finished menu and it just bugged me.  This time I already had my frame, all I needed to do was to cut my paper to fit.menu board
I cut out squares for my days and rounded the corners, everything is just lightly tacked down with scrapbook adhesive tape.  I really like the glitter letters for the days of the week, everything is better with glitter!  The menu board has been a big hit here, it’s so nice to know what’s for dinner.  I hadn’t realized how much time I was devoting to last minute dinner planning and now we are eating out a lot less.  I always thought menu planning was kind of silly, but it makes my day soooo much easier.  You should definitely give it a try and when you make your menu board, buy your frame first.
Have a super crafty weekend!

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