A Very Bad Day

Disclaimer: This is going to be a whiney post that is light on the crafty stuff, so please feel free to skip it.

I was working on the project that I though was going to fix the styling problem of the Dana top, everything was going smoothly.  I was almost finished and even though I didn’t have the correct ribbon I had a substitute ribbon so I could see how awesome it was going to look.  And that is where it went wrong, I put the almost finished project on and realized that it had been a really bad idea.  It seems as if the image I have of what I think I look like and what I actually look like are very different.  I was really upset, I am still really upset.  When you add that with a sick (again) baby, less than four hours of sleep, uncooperative weather, kids out of school for spring break, and some other drama that I won’t be discussing here you end up with a whiney crafter.obi belt Here’s the offending project, let’s never speak of it again (I will hide it in the bottom of the scrap basket).  Now I’m going to go and curl up in the fetal position and cry (I’ll probably just eat some chocolate, watch a movie with the kids, and sulk for the rest of the day).


Dlsarmywife said...

I'm not entirely sure what you were going for with this piece, although I'm assuming 'belt'. So sorry it didn't work out. I too know EXACTLY what it feels like to make a piece that you think is going to look amazing only to wind up having it not. Body imagine is a b*^ch ain't it! :-(

I really like the top from the day before, what about adding a couple of black ties on the side seams that allow you to 'cinch' the top in either the front or the back?

Good luck with your shaping problem!

Crafterella said...

I'm glad someone understands. I like the top a lot too, but I'm worried that it is not that flattering on. I was thinking about some sort of tie, but after the belt fiasco I don't know if I'm up for it.
I need to dig in the laundry and find my skinny jeans and see how the top looks with them. I'm thinking that a drapier fabric would be more flattering, the cotton is just too crisp.