Personal Swap Package Received!!!

I got a very special package in the mail yesterday from my friend Tiffany (mieljolie)We have swapped before and honestly I will always swap with her for the awesome witches boots she makes.  I am hoping to have a whole collection someday.  We anyway, enough chit chat on to the package!
Personal swap bootHere is my brand new witch’s boot, isn’t it stunning!  I had requested black cats or skeletons and she did both.  I can’t begin to describe how beautiful this is, the pictures aren’t doing the boot justice at all, I had to use the flash (ugh) and a lot of the little details are lost. personal swap binder cover I had also asked for a Teesha Moore styled binder cover.  There are so many rich and textured fabrics, it feels really nice and she embroidered my name on the back, isn’t that great?!?  It has a tab that buttons on to keep it closed, I really like that I can take it all the way off if I want to, now I just need to decide what to use it for.  I originally wanted it for a journal, but I want to display it and I know I couldn’t stand anyone casually flipping through my journal.  I’m sure I’ll figure something out.personal swap ladybird house Here is a beautiful ornament that she calls a ladybird house.  Doesn’t it look like metal or maybe polymer clay?  She made it out of card stock, cereal boxes to be exact.  I think she needs to be selling tutorials for this technique in her etsy store.  It’s really funny that she made one of these for me, I had seen one she made for a different swap and was disappointed that I hadn’t seen it in time to ask for one.
personal swap the rest And here are the final pieces.  An adorable jack-o-lantern wearing a witch’s hat polymer clay sculpture.  It looks old and very delicate in person, the leaves look real, I thought they were until I touched them.  The box that the Ladybird ornie came in that her daughter decorated for me, aren’t those birds sweet?  And finally a polymer clay embellished pen.  I love it so much I’m kind of scared to use it (afraid I’ll break it).
I love everything so much, it’s all just perfect, thank you Tiffany!!!
As you can see, this was a pretty big swap and you know I made some fun stuff for her too, but she hasn’t gotten her package yet, so no peeks.  I’m definitely getting anxious for her to receive, hopefully she’ll get it today (the tracking says it en-route to be delivered).  I’ll share what I sent her once she has a chance to open her package.


mieljolie said...

I'm happy you like everything, Korinne. Your pics are great. Looks like my package will arrive tomorrow. Can't wait. I have no doubts it will be stellar. :)


Crafterella said...

I ADORE everything, thank you so much!!!

Awww, I was hoping you would get it today :(