Organized: Ribbon Storage

I have noticed in the background of a few blogs recently an wonderful way to store ribbon that I have never seen before.   All you need is a swing arm skirt hanger.ribbon organizer 1Swing those arms open and take the skirt clips off (I bet we can find something else to do with them) and slide your ribbon on. ribbon organizer 2 My husband just informed me that his Mother used to do this.  Um yeah, thanks for telling me, I could have been storing my ribbon this way for years!!!  His response was, “I’ve never seen you really work with ribbon.”  My reply was, “I have at least one of every craft supply known to man, you should have known I had ribbon.”  So if you have already heard this tip, sorry :)  Seriously, organized ribbon makes me happy.  Now I’m wondering if there is anything else I could store on another one of these!


Sara vs. Sarah said...

This is ingenius and you are right, your husband should have told you. ;-) --Sarah

libby jones said...

Washi tape!

trina white said...

Great idea