Spring Time

Finally spring seems to be here!  All I want to do is spend time outside, we’re been decorating our sidewalk with chalk, cleaning up our yarn, going on walks, and raking leaves, lots and lots of leaves.  My husband is on vacation this week and we have a lot of cleaning and organizing projects on the to do list.  I have several crafty projects going as well.

crochet thread I working on a project using my tote of crochet thread.  I have used up eight spools so far.  I’m really excited to share this one, (check back on Wednesday).

I have built my new giant cardboard wall organizer and I will start doing the paper mache sometime this week.  I can’t wait to finish it and get my command center under control. 

I also have a few new patterns to work on, one is going to be an Easter Dress for Little Miss.  She needs a whole new summer wardrobe she has filled out so much none of her summer cloths from last year fit.  Little Sir has grown up and not out, so a lot of his shorts will still work and, of course, all of his pants have holes in the knees and will be made into cut offs soon.  I will need some stuff for Little Man too, onesies (<-I have no idea how to spell that) and rompers, I’m thinking tie dye and appliqué.

I have been collecting some great projects to do with the kids this summer and the Children’s Zoo reopens on Friday.  We have tons of stuff going on this week.  I am also hoping to do some painting in Little Sir's room, I have promised him an orange wall.  Now that the weather is nice there is tons of fun stuff to do.

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