Granny Triangle Crochet Bunting

I am sooooooo addicted to Pinterest, I could spend hours and hours just looking at everything.  I happened across this granny triangle bunting and fell in love, how great would that be on my porch?!?  I found these instructions for making the granny triangle and started crocheting on Wednesday.  I didn’t do the final row of picot stitches.

I used acrylic yarn because it’s going to be outside in the elements and acrylic yarn is almost indestructible.  My triangles needed to be blocked, acrylic yarn is blocked with steam, um the steam doesn’t work on my iron.  I know I’ll just spray a press cloth and put it on top of the yarn and iron, sending steam through the triangles.  FYI, to get steam your iron is going to be hot enough to melt the yarn.granny triangle bunting blockingGood news, they only melted a little and they look a lot better.  Really the only way to tell they’re melted is to look closely.  I chained all my triangles together and was kind of meh about the bunting.  I’ve been working on tassels this afternoon.  They really aren’t as time consuming as they sound, I was doing other things too, like entertaining a fussy baby.granny triangle bunting finished Sewing the tassels on really made a big difference for me.  I am really loving how this bunting came out, I might have to make some more.  It looks nice over the window, really dresses up the blinds and adds some fun color to a blah room (no, we still haven’t painted).  I want to make rainbow ones next.

Have a super crafty weekend!


oobbles said...

Wow that was fast, you whipped em out! I saw the link you sent me and I said MEH. They look good on your window, but I am not a fan overall of the style, though I do love me some bunting. I'm thinking of doing felt ball bunting. I saw some mini ball bunting for barbies on etsy this morning. Maybe I will make a crocheted ball/felt ball combo. Maybe I'll put it on some fishing line. MAYBE I WILL DO NONE OF THE ABOVE. Actually some acrylic balls and some felt balls could go outside... if the squirrels don't try to steal them. They tried to steal an entire pool noodle. :(

Crafterella said...

I'm not much of a granny square person either, but for some reason I just had to make this. The ball bunting sounds interesting, I like ball trim I would probably like ball bunting. Why do we always talk about balls?
I guess you have some aggressive squirrels, what do you think they were going to do with the pool noodle?

oobbles said...

They were going to put it in their nest. They stole a whole cushion one time. Meh, I'd rather they steal pool noodles than my tomatoes, so I guess its for the best.