Rainbow Hello Kitty Hair Accessory Organizer

Wow, what a mouth full.  I have just finished making this awesome hair accessory organizer for Little Miss, it has rainbows AND Hello Kitty!  I was so excited when I saw these organizers from Crochet Garden (on ravelry I was able to buy just one, instead of the set).  I had an organizer when I was little, it was an embroidery hoop “head” with yarn braids and I loved rearranging my barrettes on that thing, this is the super deluxe version.rainbow hello kitty organizer 1 This was a nice easy crochet pattern.  The most difficult part was making the double treble stitches, and they weren’t THAT hard.  I did make a few tiny changes, I only did two rows for the ribbons, instead of three, I was a little sleep deprived and didn’t realize I missed an entire repeat until I was almost finished with the edging and there was no way I was ripping that all the way back!  I have decided to not add the pockets for now, I want to display all of her cute accessories, the hair elastics are not cute and they can stay in the drawer.  I would also note that the braids take quite a bit of yarn, so beware if you’re using leftover yarn.rainbow hello kitty organizer 2 Finding the perfectly sized Hello Kitty ribbon was a bonus, look closely she has rainbow butterfly wings!  Little Miss has just recently starting like rainbows, I have a lot of rainbow projects in the works for her, now I just need to get her hooked on unicorns and we’re set!

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