Carnivorous Plant Update

Back in September I started a carnivorous plant kit, part of the seeds were planted right away and the rest had to be put into the refrigerator for six weeks.  Everything got planted on schedule and the jar sat on my kitchen counter, every once in a while I would peek into it and check the moisture level, but nothing grew.  I was thinking that eventually I would just get a few established Venus fly traps and call it good, but last week I noticed something, something small and green.carnivouous plant updateIt’s still really hard to see, but it’s there to the left of the black marble.  I’m not sure what it is, but it may actually be a carnivorous plant!  I have to say that this kit has been a little disappointing, I’m guessing that the seeds are old and I think that growing these sort of plants may be difficult anyway, so I guess I would not recommend this kit and now I’m hesitant to try any of their other products which is sad, they had a lot of unusual kits.  Has anyone else had good luck or even tried any of the plant kits from Dune Craft?

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