Practicality or Photo Prop?

Baby cocoons are all over etsy and other handmade venues, but what I really want to know is are they for everyday use or just a cute photo prop?  I know that babies like to be swaddled, but am I going to be able to get a squirmy little baby into a knitted tube? cocoon 4I found a free pattern (ravelry link) to make my own cocoon and whipped one up using Homespun yarn (the color is autumn).  It only took one skein of yarn.  I continued the bottom point into I-cord for a few inches for a stem effect.  It reminds me of something a little elf baby would be in and the various tones of rust and green coordinate with the hat and booties that I have already made.  I will be adding a toggle button to hold the top closed, but I’m not sure that I’ll really use that.  I guess I will see how useful one of these is, anyway it will make some adorable photos.  Has anyone else used one of these for a new baby?


West said...

Your instincts are correct. Swaddling should be beyond easy - I used a Woombie. Stretchy fabric with a zipper for maximum snuggle and ease of swaddle. That is a cute little thing, but not very practical. :)

Kathleen said...

My sweet girl only wanted to be swaddled for a few weeks. We received an adorable cocoon for her at Christmas (she was then 2 mos) that looked like an owl. It's nice for her bouncy chair because she can't kick it off, but overall, it's been frustrating because I want to use it, but it just doesn't work well for us. If you have a still baby who likes to be cuddled, they might be great, but that's not my girl.