Stranding or Look, I Made a Zigzag

I still think of myself as a beginning knitter even though I have been knitting a few years now.  I guess it’s because I knit little things like hats, booties, purses and scarves.  I have been anxious to try stranding (some also call it fair isle), but a bit intimidated too.  Using two colors in one row could get confusing!  I watched the stranding video on knittinghelp.com (scroll down about half the page for the video) and just went for it.zig zag baby hatIt was easy and now I have this cute little zigzag hat to go with my rock and roll baby gowns.  I think I’m going to try an argyle band next or maybe skulls or storm trooper heads, this takes my hats to a whole new level, LOL!

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