Meat Bag

I finished making the plarn for my project yesterday afternoon. I pulled all of the bags out from under the sink and sorted them out by type/color and I hit the jackpot with some large red bags, woohoo, red plarn!plarn with meat

So as I’m cutting my plarn I’m thinking about how nice it is to not have all those bags under the sink, how I need to make a cute bag holder, and that I really need to make some reusable shopping bags for myself (I’ve made a dozen and given them all away). Then suddenly I remember how every time I buy meat they put it in a plastic bag so the meat juices don’t get on anything else and how I always throw my meat bags away, because who wants to have a bag of meat juice under their sink, ewww? Throwing those bags away annoys me and I decide that I need to make something that can be reused.

Light bulb moment! I’ll fuse some plastic bags together and make a reusable bag just for meat! Fused plastic is pretty sturdy and I can just wash the juices off and use it over and over, yay (I think that I might even try and put it in the washing machine if it got really dirty). I even had the perfect plastic bags, they were super thin and clear.

Using my iron I fused 3 bags together (I cut off the handles and the bottom and fused them double layered). If you haven’t fused plastic before here are some instructions. The clear bags look kind of like waxed paper when fused, because they are super thin there are a few holey areas, no problem, I’ll just patch them with the scraps. I also fused the left over handles from the red bags to make my meat appliqué. I cut the edges even and zigzagged them together and now I have fancy, reusable meat bags.

meat bag

I fused the letters to the bag, on one I zigzagged the edges and on the other I left it plain, I want to see if it will hold up to regular wear or if the letters will fall off. I like the patchy look, kind of creepy and Frankenstein-ish, funny for a meat bag. I have some left over letters and I might make a couple more of these or maybe I’ll use them for something else, now back to my plarn.

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