Girly Storage

I know I haven’t posted on the great clean up recently, I have kind of slacked off, maintaining has been going well, but I need to start working on new projects again.  This week I have been working on several things to finish my daughters room.  Her room is the only room that has actually been painted, although I have to go back and touch up all the holes from when we had the house insulated last fall.

Today I made two crate covers, I have used this pattern before with cheap fabric, this fabric is much nicer and the results are wonderful!  I have started with two and once we start putting toys away I will decide if I need to make a few more.  Once again I have to say that this pattern is very easy and I used the directions to make these custom to the crates I had on hand.  If you need pretty storage this pattern is definitely the one, I imagine that I will have a house full of these by the time I am finished putting everything away.

undercover crate collageThis is the Undercover Crate Pattern from Laura Gunn at Paint in my Hair.

My goal is to get all the toys put away and then I should be able to touch up the paint.  Once the painting is done I can hang the new curtains (more on that later) and then I can start looking for some furniture, I need a big girl bed and an armoire since there is no closet in this room, but there is really no rush on the furniture for now. 

Once I’m finished with Little Miss’s room I can start working on Little Sir’s room, he’s been asking when I’ll paint his room, he’s hoping for orange, I’m thinking tan to coordinate with his bedding.

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