We Have Curtains

I finished up Little Miss’s curtains last night, finally.  It’s not that they were difficult, it’s just that everything took longer than I thought it would.  I think they turned out great and I can’t wait to make some more of these.Little Miss curtains2 This is what they look like unrolled, I am planning on pinning up the hanging tail from the tie.  I loooooovvve that giant pink rick rack!

Little Miss curtains1 They are really easy to roll up and they tie on the back side.  Sorry for the glare, the sun is actually out today and the snow covered ground really reflects the light.  

I used McCalls 5858 to make these “eco” shades.  They are lined and insulated with flannel.   I like making curtains, they are usually pretty easy and they can really make a room.  These were actually a little expensive to make, but I used high quality quilting fabric because I want them to last.  I would guess that I spent about $40.00 a shade, which includes the hardware to hang them.  I do expect them to be used for 5 – 10 years and I’m hoping that since they are insulated that they will help with energy conservation.  Little Miss’s room is on the Northwest corner of our house, so she gets cold winter winds and glaring summer sun, these should help keep her room more temperate.

I learned a lot making these that will come in handy for the next batch I’ll be making.  I need to make sure that I get the fabric in the right order so that the insulating layer ends up on the inside, make the shades extend past the window ledge so that they can be rolled and tied without exposing the window, and sew and measure as straight as possible. 

I have to lengthen the curtains I made for Little Sir and add a lining and ties.  I won’t be insulating his since they are made from denim.  I also want to make a set for the craft room, so I can take down the brown paper.

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