The Sock Pig

I fell in love with this sock pig on Craftster.  I reeeeeaaaallllly wanted one, but the book is checked out from the library until mid March and I just couldn’t wait!  I decided I would try to make one from just looking and guessing.sock pig 1It went pretty well, but I don’t think I got the ears quite right, it’s more of a pig/bunny (I think a bunny in this style would be really cute too, some big floppy ears and a puffy tail).sock pig 2I also decided it need more something, so I got out the embroidery floss and just started stitching. sock pig 3Some eyelashes and snout embellishment did the trick.  For a first try, not bad.  I need to get the book (I’m on the waiting list) and see what the deal is with the ears.

It’s $.99 weekend at the Goodwill, so you know where I’ll be, have a crafty weekend!

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Martha said...

too cute. I need to make my dd one. she loves pigs.