Mini Mushrooms and Plarn

Lately it seems like every time I go to Etsy I see another jar of moss with some tiny mushrooms arranged on top. I like them, but I’m not going to actually buy a jar of moss.mini mushrooms and moss I think what I really like are the mushrooms, so I found a tutorial for making mushrooms using wooden drawer pulls on AlphaMom. It was really simple, the kids can help too, and now I have an entire family of mushrooms to live in my plant pots. I really like the tiny white flowers on the Scottish moss they used (I would buy that if I could find it locally).mini mushrooms 2This is just their temporary home, I have a giant teacup and saucer planter (similar to this one) that I’m going to fill with herbs for my kitchen and they will all live in there once the plants are established. Now I just need some miniature garden gnomes.

Speaking of my kitchen, did you know that at night when you turn your kitchen light off that the plastic bags under you sink multiply like rabbits? Well they do and the other day I woke up to this: plarn beforeNow I definitely can’t throw these out so I decided to make some plarn.plarn after There are some easy instructions for making plarn here. I have cut up 20 bags and I still haven’t made a dent in my collection. I will be packing up some of these bags and taking them back to the grocery store today, they have a bag recycling bin there, but I’m going to get a good stash of plarn built up too, I have big plans and I need to make sure I have enough. Have you ever worked with plarn?, is it hard on the hands? I’m going to crochet with it, I think it might be difficult to knit with.


Tanya said...

I use plarn to crochet with. I like to use it with a fingering weight yarn to add color. I will try and post a picture on my blog for you to see the result. I use it to carry out groceries and I love it, but I cut the bags in loops now and hook them together like rubber bands to eliminate the tails that I didn't know how to get rid of on my bag. It is rougher than soft yarn, but not too bad. Adding the yarn helps with the touch-ability of it.

Crafterella said...

Thanks for the comment Tannya, I'm going to try just using it plain first, was the finished bag kind of stretchy? I did manage to find some colored bags in my stash, so I have white, gray, and red for colors. I cut mine into loop as well, it's just so much easier. Now I just need to decide what size of crochet hook to use.