The Collector

It seems like almost everyone has something that they collect.  I am a collector of lots of things: art supplies, aprons, shoe figurines, Halloween decorations, and more, but my favorite collection takes up very little space. 

For my confirmation I received a lot of cash gifts and my Mother insisted that I spend it on something that I would have forever (now I’m really glad she did that, then I just wanted to blow the money on clothes).  Jewelry seemed to be the best option, I selected a lovely ring (yes I still have it, but it needs to be resized) and a charm bracelet with four charms.  One of the charms is a confirmation charm and it’s engraved with the date so I know when I started collecting my charms (ahem, 1989).charm bracelet 1The great thing about having a charm bracelet is that charms, even sterling silver ones, are fairly inexpensive and easy to find.  Several of these charms were gifts, but most of them have been added by me.  About a third of them are engraved with dates, all of them have special, personal meaning.  Surprisingly enough I think that there is room for about six more charms.  A few of the “cheap” charms need to be replaced with real silver and I need to get another head charm for Wyndham.  I buy my charms online at BlueMud, they match the antiqued look of my bracelet and they have a really good selection.  You can also get beautiful, hand stamped charms on Etsy.

If you have any questions about my charms just ask in the comments.  What do you guys collect?

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