Sew What’s New?

Once again I have bought a new pattern that I have been working on obsessively for the last week and a half.  It’s an amigurumi sewing machine and it’s pink!  I bought the pattern from Skymagenta on etsy.  sewing machine piecesIt seemed like it took forever, but I think that it’s because it used four ply yarn (baby or sock yarn) and a tiny hook.  There were also a lot of pieces that needed to be sew together (I hate that part).  I made it for the craft room, but Little Miss has been eying it, it may be a special toy that only get to be played with when mommy really needs to get something done.sewing machine finishedI really think it came out cute, but boy are my hands sore, I don’t know if I’ll be making anything else on this pattern, she does have a really cute pattern for sushi that I might have to try.

Have a super crafty weekend!

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