My family loves to make quilts, I have so many hand made quilts I don’t think I’ll ever have a naked bed.  A lot of the quilts I have are special with memories attached and are not used as blankets, but I do have several that get used daily and will be used until they wear out.  I should also point out that all of the quilts I am talking about today have been made by my Mother.

quilt - denim tiedCurrently there are four denim quilts in use, two that I have had since high school, they were made in the traditional quilt style with a backing, batting in the center, and tied instead of quilted.   The denim is still in fabulous shape, but the backs are almost totally gone. 

Now we make denim rag quilts, with the seams on quilt - denim plaid the top and the edges frayed, they seem to hold up better, although 15+ years for the others isn’t too bad.  I also wash my quilts more that the average person probably does, with kids and cats they’re always seem to need a good wash. 

We have one plain flannel back one and one with specialquilt - denim appliqued appliquéd stars and circles that Little Sir has for his bed. My Mother is also making two new denim quilts for the boys when they start sharing a room.  One with orange flannel backing and one with turquoise flannel backing.  I really like denim, it holds up so well and goes with almost anything.

The latest addition to my quilt collection is the baby’s new quilt. quilt - zig zag I got to pick out the pattern and fabric for this one, but I didn’t get to see the finished project until Little Man was born.  (If you would like to make a quilt like this the pattern is from The Purl Bee:  zig zag quilt.)

Little Miss has a quilt waiting for her to getquilt - sunbonnet sue her big girl bed, she’s still has a toddler bed and isn’t ready for a big bed yet.  It’s a sun bonnet Sue quilt the my Mother started for me when I was little and just finished it last year for Little Miss’s birthday, so I guess it’s new vintage?!?quilt - sunbonnet sue detail

Here’s a close up of my favorite one, look at the hand embroidery!

That’s all for today, believe me, there are a lot more.  Do you use or keep you quilts?, I think I’m kind of half and half.  Which one of these is your favorite?

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