Are You Going to Throw that Out?

I think that is my catch phrase. I say that a lot, just try to throw something away when I’m around. My friend Lisa (oobbles) even saves her trash for me, she has really good trash. I will also circle the block to pick up something off the curb and I can’t walk by a trash can or dumpster without peeking in.

Plastic caps, lids, and cups have really captured my attention lately. I really enjoy making bottle cap pincushions, I like that the pins won’t poke through the bottom. Then I had a thought: why just use soda caps?, any size would work, right? bottle caps I have sorted them by size in my crafty “spice” jars, small, medium, and large. BTW I have a lot of soda caps, let me know if you need any.bottlecap pincushion bases I have started covering them, so they are ready to be embroidered when the mood strikes me. I also just bought that floss winder for $.99 (best investment!), I keep my floss on bobbins on a ring and it keeps everything neat and portable. If you embroider a lot winding the bobbins might be counter productive, but I don’t so it’s great for me.

I think that the medium sized ones are my favorite, what size of pincushion is the best?

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