New Baby Set Design

I am still in the mood to make baby things, I think it’s a combination of instant gratification and the cuteness factor. This is the Diva set, with ribbon tied peep toe shoes and a ribbon embellished hat.

Diva baby set

I would love to have some opinions about the hats: I have edged the yellow one with eggplant and the other one is plain, which one do you like better and which hat looks better with these shoes. I was also wondering if you think that sets like this are a good thing to sell.

I’m not 100% on the ribbon (it’s a color thing), I made the set and then tried to find ribbon. I now have some super cute ribbon and I got yarn to coordinate and I’m much happier with how it’s going to look. I have ideas for three more sets, the one I’m working on now is called Skater, I hope to have it worked out soon so I can share pictures.


The Oxford Family said...

Oh my gosh are these peep toes the cutest!

Ashley said...

Love, love, love the yellow hat and the trim is fabulous on that one.
I think you chose right to not put the trim on the purple. The purple hat matches those shoes perfectly. I can just picture some precious baby girl in that set.

The sets are a good way to go if you want to sell them. Maybe some options with them separate also in case there is someone whose baby doesn't like hats or only wants a hat. I wouldn't put shoes with the yellow hat. It's cute enough without matching shoes.

I like the choice of ribbon on both of these. I would leave it. That bright yellow is the perfect pop against the darker purple.