Back In the Knitting Saddle

Because it’s like that old expression, “if you get bucked off, get right back on that horse”, when you have a knitting fail and have to frog you need to get right back to knitting?  I don’t know where I’m trying to go with this, but anyway I had a rough week and knitting is helping me get through it.  mantelet restarted sleeve 1I restarted The Enelya Linwëlin Sleeved Mantelet pattern.  This time I cast on 6 extra stitches and added a full repeat of eyelets.  As you can see, the sleeve is quite a bit bigger.  The fit is better, close fitting, but not stretched.  Sleeve one is finished, sleeve two is started.  I expect to get a lot knitted on this this weekend.  What crafty stuff will you be working on?

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