The Pieced Tunic from Lilblueboo Review

After looking at all my wishes Wednesday I decided it was time to get working on them.  First up the Pieced Tunic from Lilblueboo, I am a huge fan of her patterns, but this one is her first adult sized pattern, would it be awesome too?  I love all of her sample garments, I wonder how she decides what t-shirts to use?  Maybe she just throws them all in a heap and randomly grabs them.
After taping and cutting out this pattern I decided to alter it to be a bit bigger.  I really like the fitted, body skimming look.  I did not want to look like a sausage stuffed into this top.  I used the slash and spread method to add to the front and the back.  The great things about this method is that the arm and neckline stays the same length, so I didn’t have to alter the bands length too.  This pattern was super easy to alter, no darts or other shaping to redraw.  I also added some length to the top pieces, I hate when my empire waist hits mid-boob.lbb tunic alterationsAs you can see, I added a lot, but too much fabric is way better than not enough.  I did error on the side of too much, but the finished garment is still very wearable.  It is sooooooooooo comfortable and flattering too, this may be my new uniform.  The pattern went together quickly and the instructions were very thorough.  If you like the pieced look this is the pattern for you.  I think I will be using up some of my hoard of $1.00 shirts.lbb tunic front I will have some modeled shots up on Facebook later (after my new dryer gets delivered and installed and I have time to get my tripod set up).lbb tunic back When I make this pattern again (and I will be making several more of this top) I will be changing up some of the alterations, taking the back in a tad, taking a little off the length, topstitching the neck/arm bands, and sewing the armbands on a little differently.
This is the kind of pattern that makes me wish I had a serger, I would churn these out at record speed.  So, in conclusion, I LOVED the finished results, you should definitely get this pattern!!!

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Sara vs. Sarah said...

crafterella - this looks awesome! woo hoo ... I'm with you, this is such a comfy AND flattering top, I have no idea how many I'll make! Funny you say that about the serger - I've been sewing so much w/ knits lately, I just ordered one! :) I'm so excited I may go back and 'serge' all my handmade stuff just for the heck of it!