Finger Print Self Portrait

So its been two weeks since my Wishful Wednesday post and this is the second project from that list.  Yay for getting stuff done.  I really liked the idea of a thumb print with journaling, however I ended up using a print of my index finger.  It was more interesting, there is a scar.  I used a pencil to trace all the print lines of my enlarged copy of my index finger.fingerprint 1I used a very fine pen to add all the journaling, I started out with the date and the “who am I” prompt and just did free writing.  It went by quickly, but it did take me about an hour to do all the journaling.fingerprint 2  Once I had it all filled in I erased all the pencil lines, they are visible in the picture above.fingerprint 3 Here it is all finished with the pencil lines erased and next to the original.  Now I need to figure out how to incorporate it into one of my sketchbooks.  If you want to read more about the “Holley portraits” check out this link, there are also more examples of this type of self portrait.


mieljolie said...

Very neat! I like the scar. Can't be a true crafter with out a few battle wounds. I can't help but want to see this etched on a glass along with a lipstick smudge on the rim. ;D


PussDaddy said...

Thanks for giving us the finger.