The 80’s Called and Said Make Barrettes

Too bad the 80’s didn’t check the stores first to see where I could find the special barrettes.  For the record I went to W-mart, Dollar General, Hobby Lobby, Walgreens, Russ’s Market (grocery store) and Ben Franklin’s, the only place that had this particular style was Ben Franklin’s.  woven ribbon barrettesI followed this tutorial from Wrights ribbon, nice and straight forward.  I have two tips to make it go a little faster:  first use darning needles on the ends of your ribbons to make the weaving through easier and second, on step 3 arrange the ribbon across the bar before you pull it through the center, this helps keep it nice and flat.  I also tried gluing the ribbons together, I wouldn’t recommend that, it was a sticky mess and really didn’t make it any easier.
This project was a hit with Little Miss and with all the “hair bling” I’ve been seeing I’m sure these will fit right in.  I think I might need to add some beads to the ends of the ribbon (that’s why I’ve left them longer).  I also think that shaped beads for holidays would be super cute, like red, white and blue stars for the 4th of July.  What do you think? 


mieljolie said...

Very cute! I think the stars would be a great idea.


crafty_mama said...

I had the same issue finding the double bar barrettes but scored some at Walgreens...and at a great price, only $1 for 6. I think I should go stock up incase they get rid of them.

I agree that the shaped buttons would be super cute for holidays or special occasions, and that beads/bling will just make the princess happy!