Giant Dry Erase Board In Progress

I was brainstorming what my command center needed and one of my biggest needs is a master calendar.  I have a regular one hanging on the door, it’s like a laminated place mat.  It’s functional, but not very pretty and I have to write really tiny to fit everything on it.  On the plus side, it is easy to take down and redo each month and when I had it all set up it made my life a lot easier.  So what I need is bigger, pretty, and easy to take down to redo each month.  Here is a peek of my work in progress, I am only about 70% on this, when I get it to 100% I’ll have a tutorial to share.
I really like the fabric in the background (pretty), it is big (24” x 36”), it is very light weight and it will be installed with Velcro hangers, so I can just peel it off the wall each month.
The velum doesn’t diffuse the pattern enough and it is too busy to easily read.  I want to add some solid color squares instead and I want them to line up better.  The slight wonky-ness of the squares drives me bonkers, I need everything lined up!  I have also had a wonderful idea:  window clings stick to Plexiglas just like they stick to glass, I have some print your own clings, and I can make them for reoccurring events and maybe numbers for the dates too!
I think I am off to a good start, I am anxious to keep momentum on this project.  Maybe tomorrow I'll take the old marker board and cork boards down.

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