Kids Unisex, Inexpensive, Lounge Pants

When you have a boy and a girl there are very few hand me downs, maybe a coat or Halloween costume, but the regular daily clothing is so different and color specific that there is virtually no cross over.  These pants aren’t like that (unless you make them in pink or something) and they are so easy, I whipped these four pairs up in an hour and a half, including pressing, cutting, and sewing!!!  The key is using bandanas, the edges are finished which cuts out a lot of work and bandana prints look cute on everyone.bandana pantsThere are tons of tutorials on making these pants and they pretty much are all the same, stack your bandanas up, fold them in half, cut a “J” shaped crotch and sew up (more detailed instructions here).  It is easy and inexpensive to buy bandanas, I bought the red/black and the yellow at Hobby Lobby (on sale) and the other two at Wmart, all were less than a dollar each.  The Hobby Lobby ones feel stiff and might be scratchy, I think they are starched.  I am hoping that after the first wash they will feel a lot nicer.  The printing is really irregular on all of them, which makes it impossible to match things up, but I don’t really think that is going to be too big of a problem, they’re lounge pants, not formal wear :)  I also think that when they are being worn by children who rarely stand still no one will notice.
They are sooooo cute, I’m thinking there are only two problems, deciding who gets what color and not going overboard making a ton of these.


oobbles said...

OMG WANT! What sizes will they fit?

Crafterella said...

I don't really know, the bigger the kid the shorter the pants? I think they would work for babies, but the length might need to be adjusted. I'll post some action shots of the kids on FB later.