Decorating Help, Please

I have been needing to redo my command center again, it looked okay (when it is was clean), but it’s not functioning well.  I’m not using the marker board at all, the cork boards are just collecting crap that needs to go somewhere else, and that basket, I love it, but it collects a lot of random crap.command center messWhat does work is the paper shredder, the filing system and the key hooks.  You’ll notice that the command center seems to be oozing over onto the door too.  It just looks so junky and it’s our front door :(command center middleSo even when I tidy it up a little it still looks tacky.  BTW, I love having a purse hook to hang my purse on, sadly the handles on the turquoise purse are really to long for it to be effective.
Here’s what I know, that basket, the cork boards, and marker board need to go!   I want to get the door cleaned off.  The file box, paper shredder, key hooks and table need to stay.  I need this area to be where we keep our calendar (I want big, but nice to look at), the bills/mail, library books, purse and keys.  Basically a mini office and where I keep the stuff I need when I walk out the door.
Help, I need ideas, links, and pictures.  I also need to be able to keep this very low budget.  Leave suggestions in the comments or post them on the Facebook wall, I know you guys will help me figure this out, Oh and I need it up and running before the kids go back to school!

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mieljolie said...

When you discover what really works can you teach me? ;)

I think the trick is to evaluate whats being tossed onto the table and the boards. Look for patterns and organize accordingly. Everything has it's place, they say.

Seriously, that looks better than our house. Constant struggle to keep the clutter managed. How about making a giant weekly planner/calendar out of those cork boards. One for each day. You can paint or cover that stuff to make it pretty. Then, you'd have to clear it once a week, either filing, tossing or shredding. We've got one of those dry erase calendars on the side our frig for my daughter to write her schedule on. All important notes go on the frig with magnets. The rest goes in a basket out of sight to be sorted "later". My sis used that chalkboard paint on a metal sheet on the front of her daughters closet door to write notes to each other and magnets also stick to it.

I'd probably get that huge basket of yours off the desk and elevated somewhere to take more advantage of the table space. There are hanger hook thingies that hook over the door you could hang your purse and other items on. Maybe the basket, too.

I'll keep my eyes peeled for pics of good organization ideas.

Good luck!