First Etsy Purchases

I finally bought some of the things on my favorites list from Etsy!

I bought this Dichroic Fused Glass Pendant from jmtglass all the swirls reminded me of a Gustav Klimt painting.I also bought these ACEO Mini gift cards Sampler Set of Six- Mythological Goddesses from EmilyBalivet's shop. I love to collect art and the ACEOs(art card, editions and originals) are the perfect thing for me. I just bought a lovely frame for collector cards at Micheals.

Right now it's holding some of my favorite Magic the Gathering cards, but I will be making room for my new ACEOs. There is a little plastic case that holds each individual card and then slides into the frame, I may have to buy another one when they go on sale again.


Karma by Morgan said...

nice purchases!!! i love etsy and have bought some really awesome pieces - your pieces are beautiful too!! Good luck!

Crafterella said...

Thanks, I'll be stalking the mail man until they get here, I can't wait!