Knit, knit, knit, purl, purl, purl

I am still knitting away on my shrug. I would like have it ready to wear before winter it over! I have changed the original pattern so much that now it seems like it was more inspiration than instruction. The sleeves were originally meant to be made separately, but I just made a big button hole for my head to go through, I suppose there is a good reason not to do this, but I did it anyway.
Here you can see how far I have come, I have about 25 stripes left plus the ribbed cuff. Once I finish the sleeves and sew them up I will decide if I'm going to add the hood (I think that the buttonhole idea may make it difficult for me to attach the hood, but I'm a beginner what do I know). I have to say I just love the look of stockinette fabric, so smooth and perfect. I also need to finish this project so I can start a new project, I just got size 8 circular needles and I'm dying to make an earflap hat. I actually taught myself to knit just so I could make earflap hats! I think tonight I'll pop in a movie and just sit and knit, I have finally gotten to the point where knitting doesn't take 100% of my attention, (it only takes about 85%) so I can enjoy watching/listening to a movie that I've seen before.

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